Odelia Tang is a visual artist. Tang’s art practice negotiates a variety of thematic concerns including pain negotiation, the unconscious, identity, and the abyss through installation, painting, and drawing. Tang considers pain a universal language that haunts the mind and body long after the disappearance of wounds and seeks to articulate it into material forms in order to liberate herself and the viewer of them.

Tang’s works have been exhibited at Art Seasons, Mulan Gallery, The Private Museum Singapore, Gillman Barracks, Coda Culture, Stanford Art Centre, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Asia Now Paris and the IMPART Collector’s Show. She has also been featured on local and international media including The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Telegraph Uk, Plural Art Mag, Arts Equator and ArtandMarket. Her works can be found in private collections from South East Asia, USA and Europe.


Born in 1993. 

Lives and works in Singapore. 


Solo Exhibition:

2018     When Something is Nothing, Coda Culture

              1/1 (one) Odelia Tang x The World's Loneliest Bookstore by Booksactually,   

               Gillman Barracks


Group Exhibition:

2020     Time Is A Weight I Carry, Material Agendas, IMPART Collector’s Show,

              School Of The Arts

2019     With Nothing A & B, A.Void, Your Mother Gallery (Nanjing),

              Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts

              Portrait Series, Grief & Control, Asia Now Paris, Art Fair, Art Seasons Gallery

              Time Is A Weight I Carry, B-SIDE, Coda Culture

              Xiao Hua, Xiao Lan, Art Staged, Standford Art Centre

2018     Xiao Ming, Coda Annual Show, Coda Culture

              To Give Birth To A Dancing Star, The Lasalle Show, Lasalle ICA

              To Give Birth To A Dancing Star Series, Lasalle Winstedt Showcase,

              Lasalle Winstedt Campus

2017     Bright Future, Lasalle WIP show, Praxis Space

              The Paroxysms of a Girl (series), LINES, The Private Museum

              The Remains, Contemporary Printmaking festival, Capitol Piazza

              Alter 1 & 2, As Above So Below, Kult Gallery

2016     xxx / (non-compulsive), Future Imperfect Young Printmaker’s League,

              Mulan Gallery

              Entity, The Art of Reading, Mulan Gallery

2015     Persona, Transmission - PHUNK apprenticeship, Art Seasons

              Paradigm, NOISE TAP

2014     Olfacere, Transmission - PHUNK apprenticeship