Born in West Belfast, Ted Pim paints murals inside abandoned buildings throughout the U.S. and Europe. The artist is interested in surprising the unsuspecting viewer, and his dark artworks certainly act as a visual lure. He is inspired by The Old Masters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio, the pieces created by him are moody and atmospheric, with an unintentional religious undertone.


“Coming out of one of the most deprived and poverty-stricken areas in Western Europe, I was always fascinated with wealth and luxury,” Ted explains. “When I was dragged to the local Catholic Church as a child, I used to love sitting and staring at the fine art on display and motifs dripping in gold… I liked the idea of being able to create a luxury product out of nothing, so I started painting Baroque-inspired pieces.”


"I was drawn to abandoned buildings as I liked the contrast of painting detailed, Baroque-inspired pieces inside dark, neglected structures. These buildings provided me with the perfect atmosphere to create my pieces, with the end result often reflecting my surroundings -- haunting, dark figures."


Rather than communicating in the typical street art language of bold graphics, colourful geometry and politically bent symbols, Ted paints flowers in bright tone that they seemed to be illuminated from within the black canvas, a relatively familiar baroque motif in an otherworldly form. From floral, still-life compositions that include urban paint drip into their lush composition to adding another dimension by double stretching his masterful takes on classical portraits, the works are keeping the quality of old masterpieces while adding subtle and effective contemporary twists.



Ted has devoted to working on a number of his sold-out series in his Belfast studio. He would spend days alone creating his artwork, armed with a mixture of paints, industrial torches and a camera. All pieces have been documented and kept in a folder until he published his works in June 2015. In 2019, Ted Pim will be partnering with galleries to exhibit his new paintings.


Born in Ireland in 1987.



Recent Exhibitions (Selected)

2020     In Full Bloom, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore.

2019     NEW CLASSICS, Group Show, Galerie C.O.A, Montreal, Canada.

2015     Dark Matter, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel.