Craft in Conversation: Kelly Limerick & Adeline Kueh: Unbecoming: Kelly Limerick

Cuturi Gallery 2022年4月30日
Cuturi Gallery 3 pm - 4 pm

What does it mean to have a craft-centred practice in today’s art scene? What are some challenges surrounding this, and how do artists navigate them? Join Kelly Limerick in conversation with artist-educator Adeline Kueh as they discuss these issues close to their heart and more.


Adeline Kueh is the co-founder of the Critical Craft Collective which aims to foreground the importance of craft in contemporary practice, as well as the politics of care. The Collective is presently working on the formation of the Craft Council of Singapore. Adeline is also a Senior Lecturer with the MA Fine Arts programme at McNally School of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts. Rooting her praxis in critical studies, Adeline has exhibited in the United Kingdom, USA, South Korea, The Netherlands, Turkey, Indonesia, Serbia, Australia and Singapore, and chaired and presented at a number of cultural studies conferences in the UK, Germany, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Singapore and Malaysia.


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