Making Nothing out of Something at All with Kelly Limerick: A masterclass in collaboration with ArtScience Museum

Rainbow Room, Basement 2, ArtScience Museum 30 April - 1 May 2022
Rainbow Room, Basement 2, ArtScience Museum 11 am - 1 pm

Join Kelly Limerick for an ‘Unmaking’ workshop, and give yourself the permission to slow down and focus on the Now with finger knitting.


Have you ever taken the time out for yourself to be anti-productive? Calm fidgety fingers and the anxious mind through therapeutic motions, finally experiencing the catharsis of releasing your emotions when you undo your creation.


Taking inspiration from Tenderhands by Ivetta Sunyoung Kang and Diary of 2020 by Eun Vivian Lee that are featured in Hope from Chaos: Pandemic Reflections exhibition, Kelly aims to extend the notion of healing and a moment and space for reflection. 


This masterclass is presented as part of Hope from Chaos: Pandemic Reflections exhibition at ArtScience Museum and conducted in conjunction with Kelly Limerick’s first solo exhibition, Unbecoming, at Cuturi Gallery from 23 Apr - 8 May. The artist takes on the role of both creator and destroyer of the works in the exhibition, as she burns and destroys the sculptures that had been crocheted to completion. In doing so, the artist experiences notions of impermanence, liberation and value.


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