Press release

Quentin Garel (b. 1975, France) graduated from the prestigious French National Academy of Arts, “Les Beaux-Arts de Paris” and was a resident of the “Casa Vélazquez” from Madrid. He is today considered as one of the most prestigious sculptors in the world. His works have been shown internationally including New York, Singapore, Montreal and exhibited at the Venice Biennale as well as the Natural History Museum in Paris. Quentin Garel currently lives in Paris and works across his two studios in Paris and Normandy.


Quentin Garel’s material of predilection is wood. He assembles blocks of wood to create a form from which he can then work. His tool is the chainsaw, which he owns in a variety of sizes. This is for him the best way to sculpt the wood and be able to retain all the textures and details for which he is known for. Once the wood sculpture is completed, only half of the work is done. Quentin, together with the prestigious Bocquel Foundry in Normandy cast into bronze his wooden creations. What is unique to Quentin’s process, is being able to reproduce within bronze the same tones and textures as his original wood sculptures. Every artwork exhibited is made of bronze and not of wood!


Quentin Garel is known for representing the animal figure, as for him, “animals have an infinite number of shapes to play with. Every animal has its own challenges, which allows me to evolve and constantly surpass my skills as a sculptor”. His animals often take the shape of masks, in which only certain aspects of the animal figure are represented. For Malaysia, Quentin Garel has chosen to represent the Orangutan, an emblematic animal of the region, and one that is in danger of extinction. This artwork took the artist three months to complete and the bronze sculpture is being unveiled here for the very first time.

Installation Views