Emilie Lemardeley graduated from the Institute of Political Science, the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and the Sotheby's Institute in London. After a stint working for major designers including Marianne Guly and Arik Levy, she set up her own studio in 2012.


The French designer seeks a timeless form to highlight the beauty of the material. Her strong emphasis on the form of the medium as her priority is reflected clearly in her works. For each of her creations, she works closely with hammer-smiths and glassblowers, French craftsmen who give a quality guarantee to her creations. 

For Emilie Lemardeley an object must be warm and "whisper something to the ear". "An object is not only a function, it is a small receptacle of souls, the creator's soul, the soul of a place, the soul of the person who chose it." Her exceptional objects are simultaneously unique yet archetypal of the famous French “savoir-faire”.