Hélène de Saint Lager is a graduate of the Ecole du Louvre and holds a licence degree in art history. Her artistic career has included painting restoration, millinery creation, sculpture, casting, and metalwork.


By an atypical route, the artist-designer has created an original concept of cast metal: "random aluminium." Her talent was recognized by the celebrated interior designer Jacques Garcia, who then commissioned her on numerous and sometimes monumental works for his projects. Hélène develops the concept in installations, furniture, sculptures and jewellery.


Her furniture pieces display mesmerizing depth. Pools and pits where colored particles float like oversized confetti, layers of memories captured and displayed in an encompassing membrane.


Though she may be unaware of it, Hélène’s inclusion resin works bring the art of painting into sculpture and molding. Suspended shapes create three-dimensional pictures where material stuff escapes into the depths. Strewn particles float, sink, and spread in compositions that embrace randomness and celebrate the irresistible pull of the abyss.


Hélène is the first to confess to an uncontainable fascination with levels of depth. “For me, materials and sediment are veritable obsessions. I spread layer after layer of resin and toss lightweight materials on top—dollops, shavings, bits of holographic film. Time stops. I capture and freeze it in a limpid, limpid glaze.”


Hélène’s carpets have been shown at Artcurial (Pierre-Alain Challier); resin pieces at Galerie du Passage (Pierre Passebon); and “random aluminum” works (alualéatoires), at Arcturus (Anne de la Roussière).



Born in 1957.

Lives and works in Paris.


18 Davies Gallery, London, United Kingdom

London Connoisseur Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Galerie Arcturus, Paris, France

Galerie du Passage, Paris, France

Galerie Yves Gastou, Paris, France

Galerie Diane de Polignac, Paris, France

Espace Lhomond, Atelier Z, Paris, France

Galerie P.A Challier, Paris, France

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (Grand Réservoir), Paris, France

Twenty first Gallery, New York, United States


2013               Resin furniture for Schiapparelli, Place Vendôme Paris, Jacques Garcia

                        Project, France

2012               Lighting for the restaurant Institution in Lyon, Jacques Garcia Project, France
Since 2007    Monumental works for Jacques Garcia’s projects.

                        Creation of resin pieces, « random aluminium” (alualéatoires) …
2004-2005    Exhibition – sale of carpets at the Artcurial Gallery, Rond Point Champs                                      Elysées, Paris
1994               Exhibition at Hotel François I, 75008 Paris
1993               Creation of a line of Hermès square hats for Motsch
1992               Collection of hats for Isabelle Allard and exhibition at an antique dealer Quai

                        Voltaire, 75007
1986-1990    Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Exhibition of painting and jewelry