Fireworks: Gaël Davrinche


Cuturi Gallery is delighted to present Fireworks, a solo exhibition by French artist Gaël Davrinche (b.1971, France). For his second exhibition in Singapore, Davrinche presents new paintings that juxtapose figurative elements influenced by oriental motifs with loose abstract brush strokes to invoke a strong sense of inner emotions.


Gaël Davrinche is an intuitive painter. For this latest body of work, he is influenced by oriental patterns, particularly those found on Japanese kimonos. As with all his paintings, these patterns serve as the starting point which then allows him to bring lyricism to his works.


“As a painter, I can only conceive my work to be spontaneous, free and gestural. I like to surprise myself when painting. One of the reasons I became a painter, is because I am against the day-to-day routine of daily life. I need every day to be different”. Davrinche often mentions that he is the first spectator of his own work. In Fireworks, the gesture of the artist is constantly present with every brush stroke. The virtuosity of his gesture also reminds us of the art of calligraphy.


Although his paintings were not pre-conceived nor sketched, Gaël Davrinche uses a similar process for all of them. “I start my paintings by creating a first layer which will set the background of the work. I like to choose my colours based on a strong colour note”. He then carefully paints the motif which serves as inspiration, trying to keep the balance of colours and textures. After this first step, the work needs to dry for a week or two. From then on, he undertakes multiple « interventions ». “This is the part that I enjoy the most. A painting can be completed with one intervention, and others might need three or four. I might rework the colours and the forms instinctively. I add, remove, or super-impose colours. I flatten or add texture through adding layers of paint.”


We invite you to see Davrinche’s floral works and discover the artist’s intention to awaken a deep feeling of emotion. Fireworks will be on view at Cuturi Gallery from 2 to 17 April 2022.


Exhibition Catalogue