Artist Kelly Limerick on her work for Gucci’s first in-store display in South East Asia

Melissa Mae, L'Officiel , 2021年11月25日

Commissioned for her expertise in textile art, Singaporean artist Kelly Limerick has created a 3D mixed-media artwork for Gucci’s refurbished Flagship store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Here, she shares her inspiration for the Artwall Display.


All Photos Courtesy of Gucci.
All Photos Courtesy of Gucci.

Earlier this month, the Gucci Flagship store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands reopened its doors to a two-storey galleria spanning 10,555 sq – featuring pretty showcases of ready-to-wear ensembles, bags, shoes, and accessories for women and men, and the recently launched Gucci Décor and Gucci Lifestyle collections. 


To accentuate its already brightly lit and welcoming Gucci-green and gold facade, the 3D mixed-media artwork – specially created by Singaporean Textile Artist Kelly Limerick for the House – also added a unique and creative touch to the visual appeal of the storefront.


Inspired by the last scene of the Gucci Aria video and made to complement the lush interior of the Flagship store, the artwork aims to reflect nature relationship with urban intervention.



In an interview with Gucci, the artist talks about being drawn to “derelicts or urban structures that have been taken over by plants” as they reflect “the strength of Mother Nature.” She elaborates further: “As a person, I’m quite attracted to how nature takes over urban structures in time, so this is my interpretation of how the crochet landscapes come through and hold the tiled islands together. It symbolises an exit from the urban city and beckons us into the natural world which is already creeping through to us.”


For this piece, Limerick used her skill and knowledge in crochet and knitting in tandem with the experimentation on lights and shadows to create an intervention of nature within the apparent urban landscape of Gucci’s store. Specifically calling on reference to Gucci Aria’s video where a room transitions into a terrestrial paradise, the artist curated “a similar feeling” through the window frame in the artwork.


Additionally, motifs of Gucci – such as a traditional filet lace crochet customised with the “GG” monogram – were also added to the piece to infuse the essence of the House with Limerick's. A true collaboration of sorts.


After the unveiling of her piece in-store, the artist also took to Instagram to reflect on the collaboration with the esteemed House – calling it an experience she will never forget. “It felt surreal to see my work up on the wall, lights and all, after one month of working on it endlessly,” says Limerick. “I’m so proud to be able to represent textile art and crochet with this wonderful opportunity, and with a brand I so love. I think this is a huge step forward for textile art in Singapore and I’m honoured to be the artist chosen to elevate this ‘craft’.”


“I wanted to convey the emotion of simply being free,” she continues. “The window represents an escape to the other world, as it lies mysterious and beckoning behind a curtain. Plant forms creep around the tiles in wild abandon, represented by the free form crochet made in yarn and textile surplus from the Gucci Aria collection. In contrast, the delicate curtain is made in a traditional filet crochet lace on a 1mm hook.”

Ultimately, Limerick hopes to invoke a means of escape into another world with her artwork, where people can “find a place for nature in their lives and pause for a breath.”


Take a look at the Gucci Flagship store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands here:

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