Asia Now Paris Asian Art Fair : Casey Tan and Faris Heizer

Press release
Cuturi Gallery is pleased to present two young talented figurative painters from Singapore. Both artists share a passion for narrative painting, by conveying into canvas how they perceive our day to day living. Faris Heizer spotlights the familiar figure of the salaried professional in his intimate moments that often go unnoticed or overlooked in the public eye. Spanning scenes of a white-collar world after dusk, Heizer investigates into the social organisation of our contemporary society. It follows Heizer’s negotiation with the portrayal of masculinity and its affinities with capitalism, epitomised by the salaryman. His figures are captured in unguarded intervals of vulnerability and obliviousness—mid-conversation with friends; people-watching in a bar; or sprawled out after a night of one too many. Casey Tan projects the fleetingness of memory and suspends his characters in time to a higher realm. Through paintings that chronicle the conscious and subconscious mind, at the heart of Tan’s works is the notion of endless imaginations and interpretations that turn into an interlude of a dream scene we try holding on to. From friends to politicians and sometimes biblical figures, the myriad of personalities, emotions, and characters in his works all come together to give his works life. Tapping into our simultaneously interconnected and isolated world, Tan reminds us of the duality of these realities.