Quantum Supremacy

Dewi Nurjuwita, Time Out Singapore, May 7, 2021


Power couple Didier Jaba Mathieu and Delphine Rama have each made a mark in Singapore's art scene. You've probably seen Jaba's murals splashed on the walls of Kampong Gelam – most recently, his massive piece on the facade of Cuturi Gallery. Abstract painter Delphine has been part of various group exhibitions including The Call Of The Sea at the Selegie Arts Centre. 



The two artists have joined forces for Quantum Supremacy, which opens on May 1 at Cuturi Gallery. Rama is thoroughly influenced by neoplasticism and constructivism while Jaba is driven by new visions of the future and the study of ancient civilisations. For the exhibition, both have come together to form works that interact with one another – connected by their shared use of intertwining geometric and abstract forms. In a sense, Quantum Supremacy is a mirror of our 21st-century society. 


With artworks that have a deeper meaning than their vibrant splashes of colour, the artists encourage viewers to question the ethics behind data collection and the way this data is being utilised. Delphine and Jaba also touch on the censorship of this new revolution whereby anything challenging the social order and conventional systems is depicted as delusional conspiracy. 


This is a rare chance to catch both of the artists' works in the same space – so head on down to Cuturi Gallery to be enthralled at the art of the uber-talented couple. 




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