The best upcoming art exhibitions in Singapore

Time Out Singapore editors & Dewi Nurjuwita, Timeout Singapore, November 3, 2021

As Singapore opens up, its cultural calendar is brimming with more things to do. Art lovers in Singapore are in for a treat this November, with plenty to do around the island. There are various exhibitions – from big-scale affairs (we're talking renowned international artists) to smaller-scale, independent ones – to check out. And they're great for groups of twos, too. Experience impressive sculptures at National Gallery Singapore or broaden your horizons and brush up on your art knowledge at independent galleries. Keep up with our round-up of the best art exhibitions and showcases happening around town. 


Yam Shalev



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Cuturi Gallery showcases Summerdose, a debut solo exhibition by artist Yam Shalev (b. 1996, Israel). Having lived in Berlin, Shalev draws inspiration from his everyday surroundings. In his entirely new selection of works, the artist navigates through mementos of Berlin culture through his stylish take on still-life paintings.


Yam Shalev


The artist's delicious canvases evoke a youthful glow of contemporary life, plastered with sunglasses, cigarette boxes and mats adorned with decadent food. Although devoid of human presence, the juxtaposing tones and layers in his canvases beams of life. His paintings also elicit a sense of mysteriousness about the narrations that run beyond the borders of his painting.


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