Prestige 40 Under 40 2020: Brave New World

The Lists / Editorial, Prestige, August 17, 2020





KEVIN TROYANO CUTURI  31, Founder of Cuturi Gallery
An art lover turned advocate for a democratised art world, Kevin launched Cuturi Gallery to make art more accessible to a larger audience by showcasing works from both established artists and aspiring ones. “I am particularly keen on identifying and supporting young aspiring artists that have the potential to develop full-time careers in the arts.”

In January this year, the gallery launched c/discoveries, a non-profit programme to develop and integrate under- represented artists into the commercial gallery system. For every artwork sold through this initiative, 80 per cent goes to the artist, while the remaining 20 per cent goes towards funding future aspiring artists. This strategy of cutting the gallery’s margin to keep prices low while guaranteeing the artist makes a fair profit has also proven successful in helping new buyers take the leap.


He adds: “If you start collecting young and feel inspired by the work of a particular young artist, chances are that you will purchase several artworks. You will eventually become an ambassador of this artist, and hence feed the ecosystem. The more ambassadors we have in the art world, the better.”


He references the large “foodie” community on social media here: “This is why I spend time with young collectors because art is not just a decorative or investment asset; it’s a cultural asset.”


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