Admire contrasting portrayals of womanhood in a duo art exhibition

AMANDA MCDOUGALL AND KYLA ZHAO, Vogue Singapore, May 20, 2021

Sadly I would not sing (Xu Yang)Cuturi Gallery / @cuturigallery


In this showcase titled after Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, local artist Aisha Rosli and London-based Chinese artist Xu Yang interpret the female body in their own ways. Rosli, who will be at the exhibition on the opening day, uses figurative paintings of struggling women to explore concepts of psychological trauma. Meanwhile, Xu’s paintings—inspired by her celebration of female independence and self-expression—features women’s bodies repositioned away from the male gaze.


Aisha Rosli & Xu Yang: Reframing the Looking-Glass runs from 22 May to 6 June 2021 at Cuturi Gallery, 61 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199937.


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