Strongly influenced by Austrian Expressionism, Aisha Rosli’s intuitive approach to painting sees these figurative manifestations that lend to her exploration of the female identity and gender relations. Her first solo show in 2021 "Black Eye" touches on the aftermath of ambiguous situations implicated in the appearance of a black eye, relating to multiple scenarios insinuating states of distress, anxiety, insomnia. Appearing solitary and detached, the figures emanate a sense of numbness that is both self-contained, yet emanative through to the deceptively recognisable chambers they are confined in. Rosli further explored the theme in her duo exhibition "Reframing the Looking-Glass".


In 2018, Aisha Rosli won the second prize at the NAFA Fine Art Graduating Awards Competition. In that same year, she showcased her paintings in a group exhibition "Ribut Reboot" at the Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta. She has since participated in group exhibitions at Cuturi Gallery and Coda Culture art space in Singapore. Following her widely received showings, she was also featured in OH! Open House, Singapore, Unit London in the UK, as well as ArtMoments Jakarta Online.