Aisha Rosli: Silence Drowns the Scream

Cam Khalid, Timeout Singapore, March 2, 2023
Aisha Rosli
Photograph: Aisha Rosli

Time Out says

Ask an artist how they express intense feelings and they'd show you their painted canvases. The same goes for local art wunderkind Aisha Rosli as she takes over Cuturi Gallery for the second time to showcase her acrylic and oil paintings. As the title suggests, Silence Drowns the Scream features blue figures consumed by their inner voices while they shush the noise of their realities. These figures are also an extension of the artist who has found herself stuck in similar positions – well, maybe not literally. We doubt she could stretch her neck à la her painting Hide My Face and Dread the SunWhirl Away, however, is a self-portrait of the artist staring mindlessly into the dark abyss.


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