Transcendental: Group Exhibition

Press release

“Transcendental" is a group exhibition by Cuturi Gallery (Singapore) which features 14 local and international contemporary artists who explore and reflect on the human form and condition through the timeless and ever-evolving style of figurative painting. 


With the recent resurgence of figurative art, “Transcendental” emerged as a timely showcase of global painters who over the years have meticulously developed and refined their individual distinctive aesthetic while embracing a refreshing narrative approach as a means to give form to their individual lived experience. These talented mix of artists incorporate a contemporary twist to the traditional figurative style, allowing for the works to exist within a space specific to our present time.


Figurative painting allows for narratives to be formed through the necessary relationships and connections forged between the elements existing within the compositions. An intimate act of storytelling between the viewer and the artwork can then take place in the absence of the expected accompanied artist statement which will induce an internal interrogation on what these carefully constructed scenes seek to represent or communicate. These beautifully distorted and exaggerated representations that exist within these painted universes retain strong references to the world we live in. Paintings evolve into familiar yet warped artistic versions of curated spaces, each holding lived stories, immortalised by artists. Transcendental provokes the viewer to question their stories and challenge the reality in which they live in.


Cuturi Gallery is proud to present our thought-provoking artists who have been spearheading bold, and expressive contemporary figurative paintings which transcend conventional art ideals. Featured artists include Aisha Rosli, Andrew Salgado, Casey Tan, Carter Flachbarth, Faris Heizer, Giorgio Celin, Heidi Ukkonen, Jan Rybníček, Marla Bendini, Rebecca Brodskis, Rebecca Harper, Vanessa Liem, Victoria Cantons and Xu Yang.  


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