Marla Bendini” was created in 2007 as an amalgamation between art and life. Back then, Marla was still Bendini, and Marla as we know had yet to be born. Marla focuses on the politicized body and its hypervisibility. Drawing on her trans identity and lived experiences, she resides and operates in the in-between, interrogating the existence of absolute dichotomies. In providing us with a stark reminder of our physicality and self-identity, Marla points to the queering of these liminal spaces, toward the inevitable coming of the trans-/post-human condition.


Her first self-titled exhibition, Marla, (2008) was presented in a transsexual bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Sponsored by, Asia’s largest LGBT portal, she presented Conversations between father and son (2010), a multimedia installation-performance supported by The Substation Gallery, Singapore. Since then, she has been very active in Singapore’s queer and cultural scene, organising and participating in numerous group exhibitions and performance art festivals such as Future of Imagination and R.I.T.E.S. Her solo exhibition, I’m Nervous, presented by Grey Projects was organised in conjunction with the 10th edition of IndigNation, Singapore’s longest-running LGBT festival.


Marla Bendini has exhibited and performed in Arcus Pride Art 2022, Clifford Chance Pride Art Show 2021, Salon des Influencers at Alliance Française de Singapour 2021, Supermarket 2012, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, sponsored by Riksutställningar, a Swedish Exhibition Agency. She held several solo exhibitions including Backroom (2021) and, Fairy Conclave (2021) at Cuturi Gallery; April Fools (2020) at Coda Culture art space in Singapore. Marla presented her 8th solo exhibition in September 2021, in a duo show with British artist Victoria Cantons at Cuturi Gallery.

Marla has performed and exhibited in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau, Sweden, Spain and the United States of America.