Elemental Beings by Lionel Sabatté Now until Feb 23

Pauline Wong, The Edge Singapore, January 23, 2020

World-renowned French contemporary and experimental artist Lionel Sabatté will showcase his latest works in an exclusive solo exhibition entitled Elemental Beings. Young local painters Yunita Rebekah and Aisha Rosli, who are currently being mentored through the gallery’s ground-breaking c/discoveries initiative, will debut their works in the showing Stages and Mirrors.

Elemental Beings is a continuation of Mind over Matter, Sabatté first exhibition in Singapore in 2018. His latest exhibition at Cuturi Gallery pays homage to the four natural elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. 

Stages and Mirrors, which will run simultaneously in the gallery, will debut new paintings by c/discoveries artist Yunita Rebekah, showcasing her development in textural exploration and simultaneous deconstruction of her self-portrait. Fellow c/discoveries artist, Aisha Rosli, will also present a series featuring androgynous maidens on stages, platforms and beds. Unidentifiable, faceless and agonised, they perform their erotic contortions to an audience that is absent.  


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