Lionel Sabatté’s work revolves around the notion of the living, often paying tribute to its temporary state. From the residual materials he uses, he brings to life a bestiary made up of hybrid creatures; unicorns made of concrete, fishes from the abyssal depths made from iron and coins, butterflies repaired with pieces of dead skin, wolves and swans in dust and, and human silhouettes derived from scraps of concrete.


His sculptures hold forms of viscous concrete units resembling decaying and melting animal remains. His distinctive sculpting style allows for a form of spacial awareness with the search for representation in each piece: take for example his sculpted backs of herbivores moulded together from tea and cement. His paintings on the other hand use gestural abstraction to transform his manifestations of his imagination into vivacious paintings. Sabatté believes his paintings give the viewer access to other worlds, showing layers upon layers of depth and allow us, temporarily, to peer into his imagination.


Lionel Sabatté became known for La Meute, a work exhibited in 2011 at the Garden of plants in Paris. This work represents a pack of wolves made from dust sheep. The dust, which is found in many of his sculptures and drawings, is not the only residual material that the artist uses. The 1 cent euro, the fragments of dead skin and nail clippings, the stem trees or burnt woods are just a few elements that constitute to his grotesque repertoire of materials.


Sabatté’s works have been shown at the National Museum of Modern Art, Musée des Arts et Métiers and Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal in France. His works have also been exhibited in Galleries across Europe and Asia. Lionel Sabatté is the Winner of the 2019 Foundation Del Duca Award, 2018 Patio Maison Rouge Award and 2017 Drawing Now Award.


Solo Exhibitions

2020     Fragments Mouvants, Fondation Bullukian, Lyon, France.

              Lionel Sabatté: Elemental Beings, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore.

2019     Lionel Sabatté: Sculptures, Centre d'art nomade, Toulouse, France.

              Qui sait combiens de fleurs ont du tomber, Le Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois,

              Lyon, France.

              Morphèmes, Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery, Koerich, Luxembourg.

              Brume Dorée, Cendre Et Poussière, Maison Consulaire De Mende,

              Lozère, France.

2018     The bite of the air, Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery, Paris, France. 

              Praise of Metamorphosis, Christie's, Paris, France.

              Philippe Piguet Tanières Office, Estienne Studio - Center for Contemporary Art

              Pont-Scorff, France. 

              Residence, Patio de la Maison Rouge, Paris, France.

              MIND over MATTER, Mazel Galerie, Singapore.

2017     Hunting Museum, Parentelle Selection, Paris, France.

              Please do not enter, Catwalk, Los Angeles, USA.

              Gallery C, Physical attraction, Neuchatel, Switzerland.

2016     Beaux-arts Grenoble, Tectonic mutations, Grenoble, France 

              Gallery Biesenbach, Curcuma, Koln, Germany.

              MAC Artuem, Fertile Coal, Chateauneuf-le-Rouge, France.

              Le Parvis, Disobedience, Tarbes-Pyrenees, France.

              Sade Gallery, Gray Moon, Los Angeles, USA.

              Chapel of Calvairiennes, Scaffolding of an Outbreak, Mayenne, France.

              Eva Hober Gallery, Marellomorpha, Paris, France.

2015     Vernon Museum, Scaffolding of a Caress, Vernon, France.

              Galerie Porte Avion, Scaffolding of Everyday Life, Marseille, France.

              Amelot Square/ Museum of Natural History, Scaffolding on the surf, La Rochelle,


              Yishu 8, Scaffolding of a spring, Beijing, China.

              Space For Sale, Breakthrough Infusion, Nice, France.

2014     Galerie Biesenbach, Parenthesis and suspension (…), Cologne, Germany.

              Institut français de Maurice, La constance des alizés, Mauricius.

              Abbaye Saint-Jean d'Orbestier, Lionel Sabatté : Un autre monde, France.

              Aquarium du Trocadéro, La fabrique des profondeurs, Paris, France.

2013     Galerie municipale Jean Collet, Parenthèses et suspensions (…), Vitry-sur-Seine,


2012     Jardin des Plantes, Les grandes serres, FIAC Hors les murs: Le crocodile en pièces,

              Paris, France.

              Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Marella Spendens, Paris, France.

2011     Grande galerie de l’évolution, FIAC Hors les murs : La meute, Jardin des Plantes,

              Paris, France.

              ZAJIA LAB, Maybe tomorow, Beijing, China.

              Yishu 8, Allumettes et neiges éternelles, Beijing, China.

2010     Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Souffles oxydants, Paris, France.


Recent Group Exhibitions

2020     In Full Bloom, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore.

              Jungle, Backspace - Los Angeles, Usa.

              Wildness. Wolf. Forest. Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden, Germany.

2019     Black and White, Mazel Galerie, Singapore

2018     Transfigured. Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles.

              Da-End cabinet, Da End Gallery, Paris.

              Loup y es tu? Bestiaries and metamorphoses, Chateau de Maisons, Maisons

              Laffitte, France Commissariat Amélie Adamo. 

              The bear festival, museum of hunting and nature, evening of 21 February 2018. 

              4 guests,4 exhibitions, Galerie RX, Paris Commissariat Florence Guionneau-Joie for

              Lionel Sabatté. 

              Los Angeles Contemporary Art, Ceysson & Bénéere Gallery, Los Angeles 

              Best(iaire), Galerie Porte-Plane, Marseilles. 

              Tension, Villa Berlusconi, Art Center, Grand-Lancy, Switzerland.

              Hors-cadre,, Bastille design center, Paris, France.

              The Great Race, Mazel Galerie, Singapore.

2017     Gallery C, Drawing Now - Lionel Sabatté Focus, Paris, France.

              Museum of Art and History of Judaism, Golem! Avatars of a clay legend, Paris,


              MUCEM, Lives of garbage, Marseille, France.

              MIAM, In all modesty: Archipel Di Rosa, Sete, France.

              Nicodim gallery,  Benefit art auction, Rema Hort Mann Foundation,  Los Angeles,


              Galerie Porte Avion, Replay # 3 - Best (iaire), Marseille, France.

              Biesenbach Gallery, Changesfivex, Koln, Germany.

              Mazel Galerie, French Touch, Singapore.

2016     Sade Gallery, Sade THE Stand with Standing Rocks, Benefit, Los Angeles, USA.

              CRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Athanor - small alchemical suite # 1, France.

              Laban Lab, Expenses, Bethune, France.

              Pornbach contemporary, Metamorphoses, Pornbach, Germany.

              The Hospital, Human Condition, Los Angeles, USA

              Guyancourt Showroom, New Cycles, Guyancourt, France. 

              International exhibition of contemporary drawing, Paréidolie, Marseille, France.

              Headquarters, Pan, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

              Fernelmont Contemporary art festival, Fernelmont, Belgium.

              Galerie Agnès B,  Another World, Paris, France.

              Galerie Via,  Art & Vegetal Design, Paris, France.

              Galerie De Roussan, Virage, Paris, France.

              Passenger Museum, The Sponge Man, Ile de France, France.

              Gallery C, Drawing Now, Temple Tile, Paris, France.

              Space for sale, As in a garden, Nice, France.

              Galerie Da-End, The dazzling loss, Paris, France.

              Pavillon Vendôme, Other possible , Clichy, France. 


Public Collections

Fonds régional d’art contemporain, Réunion.

La Maison Rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris, France.

Aquarium de Paris, France.

ALTANA Kulturstiftung im Sinclair-Haus, Bad Homburg, Germany.


Awards and Residences

2020     Residencies with Art Encounters, Orchard Road, Singapore.

2019     Winner of the 2019 Foundation Del Duca Award

2018     Winner of the 2018 Patio Maison Rouge Award

2015     Résidence Tour Saint-Ange / Colette Tornier, Seyssins, France

2014     Résidence pARTage, Institut français de Maurice, Mauritius.

              Nominé au FID Prize 2014, Brussels, Belgium.

2013     Vent des Forêts, Meuse, France.

2011     Lauréat du Prix Yishu 8, Beijing, China.