Olympe Racana-Weiler is a French painter born in 1990. In her works, she would often employ mixed media such as acrylic, iridescent and lithographic ink, graveled pigments, high- and low-quality oil, polyurethane, signage paint and enameled spray to sketch out ideas of her abstract paintings.


Her works of art consist of thick brushstroke layers gradually against bright undertones. Recurring themes of figures or elements are also illustrated boldly with colour rubbles of ultramarine, bright pink, violet and dioxide red tones spread across her stretched linen canvas. Thanks to an upbringing dedicated to dance, she developed a strong sensitivity to space, movements and lightings. Olympe wishes to make people seek for an unseizable presence when looking at her paintings.


Olympe Racana-Weiler received her BFA in Fine Arts and Arts Sciences at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – Centre Saint-Charles.


Born in 1990 in France.

Works and lives in Paris.


Solo Exhibitions

2019     Neon driving, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris. 

2018     I came back from paradise and I’m frankly hungry, Jérôme Pauchant gallery,



Group Exhibitions

2020     In Full Bloom, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore.

2018     « Les Amis De Christian Paraschiv En Roumanie IV », Exhibition At The

             Fondation Domeniul       

             Otetelisanu Residency, Galeria Romana, Bucarest, Romania. 

             22th Antoine Marin Award for Paint, Arcueil, France.

             Exposition Collective De Willys Kezi, Wiame Haddad, Marie Sommer Et

             Katarzyna Wiesiolek À La Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.

2017     « 3’n The Mornin- Noire Était Mon Ombre : Quentin Euverte – Olympe

              Racana-Weiler »,

             Michel Journiac Gallery, Centre Saint Charles – Université Paris 1 Panthéon

             Sorbonne, Paris.

             « La Petite Collection », Bertrand Grimond Gallery, Paris.

             On the Occasion of The Auction for The Benefit of the MRS, Maitre H. Poulain

            And Maitre S. Aubert, Hôtel De L'industrie, Paris.

             « La Nuit Ronde Vol. 1, 24 », Studio Plus 30 – Pink Room, Paris. Curators :

             Claudia Squitieri and Sayoko Papillon.

             « A Vif Au 100 », Alexandre Donnat Collection. 100ecs, Paris.

             « Quand Denis Rencontre Philippe », Chaideny, Le Plessis-Robinson.

             « La Petite Collection », 3rd Edition. Bertrand Grimont Gallery, Paris. Curator:

             Florence Lucas.

2014    « Venez Bouffer Un Zodiaque –Chapitre 3 », Le Lac, Brussels, Belgium.

2013    « Salon De l’Imprésenter », Centre Saint Charles – Université Paris 1 Panthéon                  Sorbonne.



2018     Winner of the 22nd Prix Antoine Marin For Painting.

              Winner of The Pierre Cardin Awards at the l’Académie Des Beaux Arts For                        Painting.