Quentin Garel is an internationally renowned French sculptor and draftsman known for his bronze animal sculptures that resemble wood. His works are first conceptualised in intricate charcoal drawings which he then translates into wooden sculptures. From there, he makes a mould to cast the piece in bronze resulting in a beautifully realistic, shining sculptureHis animals often take the shape of masks, in which only certain aspects of the animal figure are represented. 


Quentin Garel graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1998, and was a recipient of a scholarship at the Art Institute of Chicago and a residency of two years at the Casa Velasquez, Madrid. He has been commissioned for numerous notable public works, including a series of bronze animal busts for the Public Gardens in Lille and another in the garden of the Tour Carpe Diem in Paris. Garel is part of several major collections including the permanent collections of Rouen’s Regional Centre of Knowledge and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Verona, Italy, and has been featured in the Galleries of Comparative Anatomy and Palaeontology. He is also the recipient of noteworthy art awards including the Drawing Prize from the Academy of Fine Arts, Paris in 2003, and the Sculpture Award from Salon de Mai, Paris in 2004, among others.


 Lives and works in Paris, France.


Recent (Selected) Solo Exhibitions

2020          Domaine de Chamarande, Anomal, France

                   Galerie LJ, Art Madrid, Madrid, Spain

                   Galleria Forni, Arte Fiera Bologna, Italy
                   Patrice Trigano, BRAFA, Bruxelles, Belgium

2019          A Retrospective Exhibition, Centre d’art contemporain de la Matmut, France

                   The Wizard of Wood, Art Expo Malaysia

                   Anima Artificialis, Singapore.

2018          Mazel Galerie, Recent Works, Brussels, Belgium.

                   Galerie LJ, Oeuvres monumentales, Paris, France.

                   Galerie Bayart, En chair et en Os, Le Touquet, France.

2016          Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Le magicien d'os, Paris, France.

2015          Mazel Galerie, Gueules de bois, Brussels, Belgium.

2014          Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, Bestiary, New-York, USA.

2013          Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, Gueules de bois, New-York, USA.

2012          Gallerie Dell' Incisione, Bestiario, Brescia, Italy.

                   Hotel de Région Haute Normandie, Rouen, France.

                   Mazel Galerie, Bestiary, Brussels, Belgium.

                   Gremillion & Co, Recent works, Houston, USA.

2010          Mazel Galerie, Trophée, Brussels, Belgium.

                   Galerie L.J, Trophée, Paris, France.


Recent Group Exhibitions

2019          The ARTery, Singapore.

2018          Art Stage, Singapore.

                   Jakarta Art, Jakarta, Indonesia.

                   Mazel Gallery, Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon.

2017          Mazel Gallery, London Art Fair, London, United-Kingdom..

                   Mazel Gallery, St-art Strasbourg art fair, Strasbourg, France.

2016          Mazel Galerie, ART.FAIR, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany.

2015          Mazel Galerie, ART.FAIR, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany.

                   Mazel Galerie, St.Art art fair, Strasbourg, France.

2014          Galerie L.J, Paris, France.

                   Mazel Galerie, Singapore Art Fair ME.NE.SA ART, Singapore.

2013          Mazel Galerie, SOON, Brussels, Belgium.

2012          Mazel Galerie, Art Paris Art Fair, Paris, France.

                   Mazel Galerie, Lille Art Fair, Lille, France.

                   Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, Group Show, New-York, U.S.A.

                   Mazel Galerie, Art Gent, Gent, Belgium.

2011          Mazel Galerie, Lille Art Fair, Lille, France.

                   Galerie L.J, Art Elysées, Paris, France.

2010          Galleria Forrni, Art Paris + Guest, Paris, France.

2009          Galleria Forni, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy.

                   Galleria Forni, Art Paris, Paris, France.

2008          Galleria Forni, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy.

2007          Palazzo Forti, II Settimo Splendore. La modemita della malinconia, Vérone, Italiy.

                   4e Biennale d’Art Contemporain, Centre Culturel Jacques Prévert, Aixe, France.

                   Première Biennale de Sculptures, Propriété Caillebotte, Yerres, France.

                   Galleria Forni, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy.

2006          Galerie RL Beaubourg, Art Paris, Paris, France.

2005          Abbaye de Saint-Riquier, Le cochon, portrait d’un séducteur, France.

                   Salon de Mai, Paris, France.

                   Galleria Fomi, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy.

                   Galerie RL Beaubourg, Art Paris, Paris, France.


Public Orders

2011          Création d'une sculpture monumentale en bronze "L'arbranimal" pour le Pôle

                   Régional des Savoirs de la ville de Rouen.

2007–2009 Création d’une fontaine constituée d’une vingtaine de sculptures pour les

                     Nouveaux Jardins Municipaux de Lille, Jardins des géants.

2006          Création d’une série de sculptures monumentales pour le Parc du Chemin de

                    l’Ile, Nanterre.


Scholarships, Awards and Residencies

2004           Prix de Sculpture, Salon de Mai, Paris.

2003           Prix de Dessin, Académie des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

2002           Prix de Sculpture, Salon d’Art Contemporain de Montrouge.

                    Prix de Sculpture, Fondation COFFIM, Paris.

2001           23e Prix International d’Art Contemporain de Monte Carlo.

1999-2000 Résident et membre de la section artistique de la Casa Velazquez, Madrid.

1995           Prix de Dessin, Académie des Beaux-Arts, Paris.