Gaël Davrinche is a French artist born in Saint-Mande in 1971 who lives and works in Montreuil. Having graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, painting has become Davrinche's main artistic medium. The artist also uses the medium of sculpture to translate his vision into a 3D form.


Through the decisive gesture of painting, Gaël Davrinche questions the portrait in its historical and social signification, its reality and imaginary. His works take a strange turn that destabilizes us with the ubiquiti of the object. They become an interrogation of his individual role on his attitude, his relationship with the world, and others.


From revisiting paintings of great masters, sometimes in an impudent way, like what he did with la Joconde, to his hyper-realistic portraits, Gael Davrinche delves into a multitude of different artistic expressions. His technique is clearly refined and is impressively conveyed through his paintings, drawings and pastels of portraits and still life. 


Gaël Davrinche’s artworks have been exhibition in galleries around the world, and his artworks are part of several collections including the Fondation Colas, the Musée Ingres, the Musée des Beaux Arts de Chambéry, the FRAC Haute-Normandie, and the Fondation Salomon pour l’Art Contemporain.


Lives and works in Montreuil, France.


Recent Solo Exhibitions

2020     Sujets, Galerie Vachet Delmas, Sauve, France.

              Espace Schilling, Neuchâtel, Czech Republic

              Des fleurs en hiver, Galerie Provost Hacker, Lille, France.

2019     Mazel Galerie, Nocturne, Brussels, Belgium.

              Les expos d'été - 9ème édition, commissariat : Galerie Claire Gastaud,

              Château de la Trémolière, Anglards-de-Salers, France.

              Mazel Galerie, CONTEMPLATIONS, Singapore.

              128 000 couleurs etc. suite, Galerie Vachet Delmas - hors les murs, Lyon,                          France.

2018     Doppelgaenger Gallery, (à venir) Strolling along the chromatic fields, Bari, Italy.

              Espace Martiningo, Flower Power, duo show, Chambéryn France.

              Galerie Larnoline, 128 000 couleurs etc., Sauve, France. 

2017     New Square Gallery, Finger (s) in the nose, Lille, France.

              Mazel Galerie, To the fingers and to the eye, Brussels, Belgium.

2016     A2Z Gallery, Primitiv Heritage, Hong Kong.

              Contemporary Art Gallery Auvers sur Oise, Opus 36, France.

2015     Magda Danysz Gallery, Under the Skin, London, United-Kingdom.

              Contemporary Art Space André Malraux, Defigure (s) 2, Colmar, France.

              Ego Gallery, Titian / Davrinche, Lugano, Switzerland.

2014     Doppelgaenger Gallery, Hurrican, Bari, Italy.

2013     Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai, China.

              Ego gallery, Memento Mori, Lugano, Switzerland.

              Center of Contemporary Art Passage, Troyes, France.

              Espace Écureuil Foundation, Defigure (s), Toulouse, France.

2012     Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, France.

2010     Artotheque Annecy, 101 Monotypes, Annecy, France.

2008     House of Arts Malakoff, Landmarks, Malakoff, France.

              20 Greene, Paintings, New York, USA.

              Martiningo Space, Chambéry, France.

2006     Soissons Museum, Sèvres Workshop Foundation, Paint and Repaint, Soissons, France.

              Galerie Sabine Vazieux, The Horse In All These States, Paris, France.


Recent Group Exhibitions

2020     Une idée d'une collection, Galerie Vachet-Delmas Sauve, France.

              Sérial Couleurs, dans le cadre du festival

              Normandie Impressionniste, Artothèque de Caen, France.

              Over The Rainbow, Red Bull Hangar 7, Salzburg, Austria.

              Pink by Quand les fleurs nous sauvent, Galerie Joseph, Paris, France.

              Paysages/Présages, Commissariat : Collectif Körper, Le 6b, Saint Denis, France.

              Deux jours, Galerie Vachet-Delmas hors les murs, Galerie de l'Espace Chouleur, Nîmes, France.

              In Full Bloom, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore.

2019     The ARTery, Mazel Galerie, Singapore.

2018     Beirut Art Fair, Mazel Galerie, Beyrouth.

              Art Jakarta, Mazel Galerie, Jakarta, Indonesia.

              Grafik aus Frankreich - Die Edition Bucciali, Grafikmuseum Stiftung Schreiner, Bad Steben.

              Un monde désiré / A desired world, Galerie Claire Gastaud, Clermont-Ferrand, France. 

              Flowers, Mazel Galerie, Bruxelles, Belgium.

              Galerie de portraits, Musée Louis Philippe, France.

              Un espace pour une œuvre, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bernay, France.

              Loup y es-tu ? Bestiaire et métamorphoses, commissaire : Amélie Adamo, Château de Maisons, Maisons-Laffitte, France.

              DDessin, Galerie Larnoline, Atelier Richelieu, Paris, France.

              Art'up, Galerie Provost-Hacker, Grand Palais, Lille, France.

2017     Mazel Gallery, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy.

              New Square Gallery, Art Up, Lille, France.

              Malakoff House of the Arts, Her Story, Malakoff, France.

              A2Z Art Gallery, Central Art, Hong Kong.

              A2Z Art Gallery, Wild and free, Hong Kong.

              Mazel Gallery, St-art Strasbourg art fair, Strasbourg, France.

              New Square Gallery, Gallerists, Carreaux du Temple, Paris, France.

2016     UNC Gallery, Cyclicality, Seoul, South Korea.

              National Museum of Shi Jia Zhuang, Real Truth, China.

              Salo IV: Espace Beaubourg, Paris, France.

              Magda Danysz Gallery, The hand that draws by itself 5, Shanghai, China.

              Artotheque of Caen, Alone / together, Caen, France.

              Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) - (ADIAF), The time of daring and commitment - From their time

              Mazel Galerie, ART.FAIR , Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany.

              Mazel Galerie, 50 years after Walt ..., Brussels, Belgium.

2015     Magda Danysz Gallery, The hand that draws by itself 5, Shanghai, China.

              Magda Danysz Gallery, 360 °, Shanghai, China.

              A2Z Gallery, Second State, Paris, France.

              Gallery actively works to The Hand That draws by Itself 4, Paris, France.

              Goyang Museum, Hello France, South Korea.

              Magda Danysz Gallery, Opening, London, United-Kingdom.

              Galerie Magda Danysz, Art Direction, Paris, France.

              Da-end Gallery, Cabinet Da-End 05, Paris, France.

              Galerie Da-end, Underealism, Paris, France.

              Espace Martiningo, Masks and Portraits, Chambéry, France.

              Polaris Gallery, Autofiction of a collection: Ramus del Rondeaux, Paris, France.

              Chapel of the Visitation, To be astonished, it is amusing, Thonon the baths, France.

2014     Magda Danysz Gallery, Art and Fashion, Shanghai, China.

              Montélimar Museum, Extra (Ordinary), Montélimar, France.

              Ego Gallery, Africa Evil, Lugano, Switzerland.

              Château de Maison Lafitte, Totally Disarmed, France.

              Doppelgaenger Gallery, Due, Bari, Italy.

              Galerie De Roussan, Reminder, Paris, France.

              Projektraum Ventilator 24, Exquisite corpses at the beach, Berlin, Germany.

              Galerie C, Underealism, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

2013     Ego Gallery, It suo Stock!, Lugano, Switzerland.

              Magda Danysz Gallery, Choices, Shanghai, China.

              Colas Foundation, New acquisitions, Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

              Galerie des Petits Papiers, Moments later ..., Brussels, Belgium.

              ACMDCDM Perpignan.