Israfil (b.1999) is a Singaporean artist based in Singapore. Israfil’s art approach has always been a visual pleaser, with elements of Neo-expressionism and figurative art intertwined. Using modern and olden references for his subjects in his paintings, he explores the human condition and emotions and creates a world where the mood of his works seems to parallel real life. Inspired by music and everyday life, Israfil translates what he sees and hears onto a 2-dimensional surface, giving a poster-like image that engages and compels the viewer to confront the invoked feeling. 




Artist statement 

One quote I’ve always stuck with is, “life imitates art”. Being someone who’s a little too in-touch with his emotions can be very draining. I’ve been blessed with the life I have- to live around people who express their thoughts and emotions to me. I see violence, lust, love, joy and so many more. Being inspired by this, I’ve made it my genre of art. When I paint something, it’s a parallel reflection of an emotion, valid or not. I’d like to think that I’m a mediator of some sort. My art style has been described as poster-like or figurative. I think it’s nice knowing that it is the way it is, as if life is a movie and my work is the summary.