Idir Davaine is a very young and talented French painter. His main inspiration comes from the landscape. The artist is known for always wandering with his camera, taking shots of scenes he comes across: mountains, parks, forests are some of his favourite subjects. Upon reviewing his photos, Idir is then drawn into elemtents such as numbers, flags, shapes and forms, which are not always obvious in the picture. By decrypting  an image, he then re-arranges these identified forms into the canvas in order to create a new story of his own.



Solo Exhibition  

2016     Cavale, Galerie Le Huit, Paris


Group Exhibitions  

2020     Out of the Blue, Galerie Slika, Lyon, France

              In Full Bloom, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore

2019     Paris Peinture Plus #2, Galerie Slika, programme Résonnance, Lyon, France

              Paris Peinture Plus, Galerie MR14, Paris, France

              Morceaux Choisis, Galerie Bubenberg, Paris, France

2018     Félicità, Beaux Arts de Paris, France

2017     We are the ones painters, Carlsberg Byen Gallerie, Copenhagen, Denmark

              Chaideny, a great opening, Chaideny, Paris, France

              3FPJ-2, au Lieu Unique, Nantes, France

              3FPJ, Galerie Arts Factory, Paris, France

              Pink Flamingo, Galerie Agent Moderne, Paris, France

              Printers Matters, our Mad à la Maison Rouge, Paris, France

              Casse et vol!, Galerie MR14, Paris, France

              Gouffre, Galerie Agnès B, Paris, France

2016     Studio Fotokino, Marseille, France

              Main dans la main, Galerie de la Rotonde, Paris, France

              Parages, Double-séjour, Paris, France