Rebecca Brodskis' work is a form of exploration through painting of the relationship between the being and matter and the impact of the social on the individual. Captivated by moments of life that surround her, by discussions, images or characters, Rebecca questions those fleeting moments of everyday life that we do not remember, but that shape existence. She's taken on the task of questioning the foundation of human relationships while questioning the social context in which we live, a world in perpetual change, interwoven with ties that we do not understand.


She uses this complex richness, the social diversity that surrounds her, the confrontation of cultures and individuals. Beyond this wealth, it is also the loss of bearings of contemporary societies, caused by the questioning of social foundations that interests Rebecca. She points to the doubt, anxiety and disorientation of her characters in totally decontextualized environments, both void and the setting of the universal. Her characters are each metaphors of contemporary man, entangled in ever-expanding social circles, wandering through the meanders of sprawling cities, condemned to extreme lucidity but constantly invaded by the fear of tomorrow.