Shen Jiaqi is a Singaporean artist who works with the mediums of painting and installation. Inspired by her experiences in her social and living environments, Shen creates works that speaks about various social issues that she encounters. Using imagery from nature and everyday life, she seeks to provide a window of quiet reflection for the viewer, and to invite conversation regarding similar ideas and experiences. Shen’s practice examines themes of boundaries, culmination of routines, along with environmental and social constraints. Through her practice, she seeks to explore the internalisation of subconscious yearning for sanctuary within the urban environment of Singapore. 


An art practitioner and educator, Shen studied painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2010, and Visual Art and Drama education in the National Institute of Education in 2015. She is currently pursuing her master’s in fine arts from Lasalle College of the Arts. Having teaching art in secondary schools for the past eight years, it was only recent years that she decided to pursue her original goal of becoming a full-time artist.


Her works have been part of public showcases in Plural Art Magazine’s Our Heartlands, National Arts council’s Streets of Hope, and National Gallery Singapore’s Light Up event. Ever-Were, her third solo exhibition was held at Cuturi Gallery in 2021, Comfort Zones at Coda Culture in 2020. Group exhibitions include New Beginnings at Cuturi gallery (2020), 44th Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Show at The Arts house (2019), and Art Bounties at National Library Singapore (2015).