Detailed black and white limbs in a dehumanized virtual dimension composed of color planes and shapes are the point of departure for the large-scale canvas works of Israeli artist Yam Shalev.


Geometric shapes float like fragments of brutalist building structures across the surface of the image carrier, on which they evoke a transformation of volume and emptiness. 


In their powerful heterogeneity to the anachronistic black and white extremities that position themselves on the canvas like living foreign bodies, the bright, pointed colors mark a transition between realistic and imaginary. 


As in a jigsaw puzzle, the coherence of the individual segments is only revealed after they have been put together. Reality and virtual dimensions connect through isolated body parts that try to find a grip in an artificial, polished world. Detached from a personified physicality, they work as a representation for all of us. 


Reflecting a digital generation, Shalev's surrealist compositions do not show past, present or future, nor fantasy and reality, rather they comment on the influence of digital surroundings on our culture. 


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Shalev now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.