Anagard is one of the most talented and skilled stencil artists in Indonesia, and has gathered international recognition thanks to his distinctive style. His artworks can be found in streets around the world.


The street artist, who lives and works from Yogyakarta, in 2019 won both the UOB Painting of the Year in Indonesia and South East Asia. His artwork, “Welcome Perdamaian, Goodbye Kedengkian” (Welcome Peace, Goodbye Hostility) is currently exhibited in Singapore at the UOB artspace.


The artist uses spray paint as his main medium and expresses his ideas using a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Anagard’s murals usually feature just one or two humanlike figures, but the faces are either that of an animal's or are obscured by some type of mask. His work often incorporates traditional motifs and explores thematic approaches.


Anagard has exhibited in various group exhibitions both locally and internationally including Indonesia, Malaysia, Belgium and Australia. He has been invited to street art festivals in Lithuania and Poland. Although he is well known in the street art scene, it is very rare to find his artworks in the context of art galleries.