Delphine Rama is a Belgian artist that lives and works from Singapore. She obtained her master's degree in art and aesthetic analysis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège. At first, Delphine is interested in learning illustration and photography. This visual approach lead her artistic research and practice towards painting where she could break free from the basic aesthetic rules. She began to be deceptive to the abstract movement from the last century, mainly influenced by artists such as Raymond Art or Jo Delahault among others. Inspired by the idea that abstraction does not recognize any  reference to the visible world.

Delphine Rama quickly finds her poetic universe.  A multidisciplinary artist, she explores space and emptiness. Her work, which is very close to the Abstract Groups movement, is born from a desire to return to the essential elements of painting (the
line, the form, the color), and to break all relation with the real to better invest the limits of reality, in its poetic enlargement.


Rama’s abstract paintings are also inspired by another of her passsions: Fashion. “I have always been fascinated by the stories of fashion designers; the colour range used in certain collections inspire me,” says Rama. Fashion entities as diverse as design collective Vaquera, model Jazzelle Zanaughtti, Balenciaga and Hermes have all been namechecked as the inspiration for her colourful paintings.


Exhibitions, Acquisitions and Trade shows:

2020 - Order for Female Magazine - Singapore
2020 - Collective exhibition « Love By Any Means » by « La Marée Haute » CulturePoint Belgium

2019 - Collective exhibition "Pandora's Box" at Waroux Castle Part II - Belgium

2019 - Biennale of contemporary art of Liège - Belgium

2018 - Galerie d’art du Château Mottin - Belgium Art Exhibition

2018 - Collective exhibition "Pandora's Box" at Waroux Castle Part I - Belgium

2017 - The Palace - Arlon

2016 - Academy of Fine Arts of Liège