Till Rabus is a hyperrealist with a keen eye for intriguing compositions to create his surreal dreamscapes. His oil paintings are often provocative, erotic and sometimes surrealistic. His subject matter ranges from fast food to raunchy figure, but all his works refer to, and are firmly based in Art history. Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss artist lives and works in Paris and Neuchâtel. 


In addition to his penchant for realism, the artist combines his skills in his bizarre still life, where ordinary, discarded objects are found in mysterious compositions that play with symmetry and saturated colours. Rabus eradicates any signs of human presence in his paintings, as if these objects ended up in these orderly arrangements out of their own free will.


In Arcimburger n°2, 2014, his interpretation of an order at Burger King, all the glutinous goodness is transformed into an almost religious composition set against a stark black background. These playful pieces celebrate the seductive surface and almost convince the viewer to disregard their darker themes such as overconsumption and objectification. His painting style is very realistic, which amplifies the impression on the viewer. 


However atypical his subject matter, Till Rabus's skill with the paintbrush is evident. One could only hope that the audience would take one look at his paintings and think of the wastefulness of consumer culture.



Born in Switzerland in 1975.

Lives and works in Paris and Neuchâtel.


Solo Exhibitions

2018     Baroque, Abbaye d'Annecy le vieux, Fondation Salomon, Annecy, France
2016     Peinture sur toile, Espace Julio Gonzalez, Arcueil, France

2013     Fearless Realism, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
2012     Till Rabus, Galerie Lange + Pult, Auvernier, Switzerland (with John Isaacs)
2011     Forms of everyday, Galerie Lazarides, London, England
2010     Rush still, Galerie 1918 ArtSpace, Shanghai, China (with Zheng Delong)
2009     Ikebana, Galerie Adler, Francfort, Germany
2008     Till Rabus, Galerie Lange + Pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
2007     Caradisiac, Galerie Laurent Godin, Dockartfair, Lyon, France
2006     Rigueur et fermeté, Les collections de Saint-Cyprien, Saint-Cyprien,  France
2005     MelodydelMar, Galerie Bis-Heute, Berne, Switzerland
2004     Till Rabus, Galerie Lange + Pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
2003     Projet no.1: ré-actualiser la nature, Galerie DWLV, Vevey, Switzerland
2001     Contra-senso, Forum d’Art Contemporain, Sierre, Switzerland


Group Exhibitions

2020     In Full Bloom, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore

2019     Roosevelt private views, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
              Rämistrasse 27, Galerie Lange+Pult, Zürich, Switzerland
              Artgenève, Galerie Lange + Pult, Genève, Switzerland

2018     Bienvenu Artfair, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Paris, France
              Intime(s), Galerie C, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
              Téléphone arabe, Visarte, Lausanne, Switzerland
              Loup y es-tu?Bestiaire et Métamorphoses, Château de Maisons, Maisons-

              Laffitte, France
              Cabinet 08, Galerie Da-End, Paris, France
              Artgenève, Galerie Lange + Pult, Genève, Switzerland
2017     Purification, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
              Kunst schorle, Projektraum ventilator, Berlin, Germany
              Cabinet 07, Galerie Da-End, Paris, France
2016     50 ans après Walt…, Galerie Mazel, Brussels, Belgium
              Phylogenesis, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Leipzig, Germany
              MDM du rêve à l’utopie, Galerie C, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
              Der feine Riss, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany
              Le temps de l'audace et de l'engagement, I-AC, Villeurbanne, France
              Prememories, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
              Mir ist das Leben lieber, Weserburg Museum, Bremen, Germany

              Cabinet Da-End 06, Galerie Da-End, Paris, France                                                                  Léopold Rabus and Family, Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin, Germany                                    Artgenève, Galerie Lang+Pult, Genève, Switzerland                                                

2015     Still Life. Yesterday and today, Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin, Germany
               Under Realism, Galerie Da-End, Paris, France

               L'Hospice des Mille-Cuisses, Centre d'art CAN, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

               Comme une grappe estivale d'hélices de Pise, Galerie Torch, Amsterdam,                       Netherlands

               Artgenève, Galerie Lange + Pult, Genève, Switzerland
2014     The Remarkable Lightness of Being, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary,                          Brussels, Belgium
              Under realism, Galerie C, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

              B-side 1, Galerie Lange + Pult, Zurich, Switzerland

              Art Brussels, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium

              Full house, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium

              Artgenève, Galerie Lange + Pult, Genève, Switzerland
              The red queen, MONA Museum for old and new art, Hobarth, Tasmania
2013     Yia Art Fair, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Paris, France

              Under Realism, ACMCM Art center, Perpignan, France

              Traum&réalität, Aliseo Art Project, Gengenbach, Germany

               A la recherche de la bohème perdue, CAN Art center, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
               Under Realism, La lune en parachute-Art center, Epinal, France
2012     Superama, Phase n°2, CAN Art center Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

              Under Realism, Galerie Progres, Belgrade, Serbia

              Les annales de la galerie Une, Galerie Une, Auvernier, Switzerland

              Take my soul, Exprmnl Galerie, Toulouse, France
2011    The Rabus go west, Galerie Cueto project, New York, USA

             THRILL, Exposition international d'art contemporain, Strasbourg, France 
2010     FIAC 2010, Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, France

              The Alchemy of Delusion, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels,                            Belgium

              De père en fils, Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, France
2009     Rabus show, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium

              Die Rabus familie, Galerie Stadt, Schwaz, Autriche

              Dont’ follow me, I’m lost too, Art center Substitut, Berlin, Germany
2008     Métamorphose, Fondation Salomon, Abbaye d’Annecy-le-Vieux, France
2007     Série Noire, Collectif Buy-Sellf, Villa Bernasconi, Genéve, Switzerland

              Fire walk with me, Galerie Lange + Pult, Auvernier, Switzerland

              Accélération, Association Kunstart, CAN et Karting, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

2006     Famille Rabus, Galerie des Amis des Arts, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

              Nuisance, Association Kunstart, Pierre-à-bot, Switzerland

              Here we go, Galerie Lange + Pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
2005     Playtime, Galerie Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium

              Ici l’ombre du Castel Coucou, La mine-musée du carreau Wendel, Petite                          Rosselle, France

              Galerie Une Show, FIAC, Paris, France

              Shining Stars under Shining Sun, Galerie Lange + Pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
2004     Monster among us, Galerie Basta, Lausanne, Switzerland

              Galerie Lange + Pult Show, 20th Intenational Contemporary Art Fair, Zurich,                    Switzerland
2003     66ème Biennale de la SAA, Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds,                          Switzerland